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Nice Vintage Long White Wedding Dress

Another custom connected with the publishing of banns exists in Nottinghamshire, and is described in the following extract from the "Notts Guardian" of April 28th, 1853 :

"Wellow. It has been a custom from time immemorial in this parish, when the banns of marriage are published, for a person, selected by the clerk, to rise and say, "God speed them well", the clerk and congregation responding, Amen! Owing to the recent death of the person who officiated in this ceremony, last Sunday, after the banns of marriage were read, a perfect silence prevailed, the person chosen, either from want of courage or loss of memory, not performing his part until receiving an intimation from the clerk, and then, in so faint a tone as scarcely to be audible. His whispered good wishes, were, however, followed by a hearty Amen, mingled with some laughter in different parts of the church".

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